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Stainless steel

Rolling Pin


‘Long Rod’

Beautifully designed
for exceptional results


Crafted with FDA approved food grade
304 stainless steel for professional kitchens

The ‘Long Rod’ design (no handles) allows the full
41cm length of the barrel to come into contact with
the dough, so you’re able achieve more even
‘edge to edge’ rolling


At 10 oz, our rolling pin is perfectly weighted to roll
pastry, dough, fondant, pie crusts, biscuits & pizza dough.
The hollow core construction makes it light
enough to avoid squashing your dough


Warm dough is the enemy
of perfect pastry


Chill the stainless steel pin before using it to
help prevent the butter in your dough from
melting - especially for croissants, pies and biscuits. 

If you decorate with rolled fondant, this is
must-have tool for cake decorators


The brushed finish holds a dusting of flour
better than mirror polished rolling pins
to avoid frustrating sticking


Superior easy clean
hygienic design

Made from premium materials, our pin wont
rust or crack in humid environments and can be
completely cleaned with no remaining food residue.
It won’t absorb any odours, colours or flavours
that can cause cross contamination


Clean up couldn’t be easier!
Simply place it in the dishwasher or wash by hand
& towel dry. The seamless design means there are
no crevices and unlike wooden rolling pins, it won’t
dry out, splinter or crack & it never needs oiling.

Uniquely packaged, it makes an
elegant gift for the baker in your life


If you have a baker in the family or a friend who
loves to bake, this is a wonderful present! 


Each rolling pin comes in a designer protective
pouch tucked inside our unique cylinder shaped
pin packaging. It makes a stunning gift for both
professionals and enthusiasts alike.

What our community are saying

Love this product
One of my favourite things about this
item is the easy quick clean up. Definitely recommended for pastry baking.

Go pro
Not only is this easy to use, the
stainless steel is more nonstick than
the wooden kind. I don't miss handles.

Happy rolling

Love this rolling pin! Such a minimal 
design but it works so well. Just the right weight - much easier than my old one.

Stunning gift
This product sure is beautiful. The packaging was a huge hit with my baker friends. The rolling pin is worth it.

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